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School for divers (1958)

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Chessington, Surrey.

Un instructeur dans une école de plongée, fait une démonstration sur la plongée sur épave en pleine mer.



L/S of Stan Mearns, an instructor at the diving school, demonstrating something on a blackboard to a group of people sat in front of it. They are surrounded by diving equipment. There is a full diving suit on the left of the picture. C/U of Stan at the blackboard, he is demonstrating diving down to a wreck on the sea bottom.

M/S of the group of five male students. C/U of the chalk drawing of the wreck, Stan points to it and traces the line up to the diving boat. C/U of Robert Ellard, one of the pupils, wearing flippers; the camera moves up to show him in full diving gear, he is wearing aqualung equipment and Stan is helping him fit his helmet. He stands up and walks towards the diving pool. C/U as he brings his arm up to check his watch. C/U of his face in the diving helmet.

He climbs down a ladder into the diving tank, Stan makes an adjustment to his breathing equipment and pushes him under the water. L/S shot from under the water of Robert going to the bottom of the tank. He starts swimming and picks up a couple of spanners. C/U of Robert unscrewing some nuts on a piece of equipment in the tank. M/S of Robert at work. C/U of him picking up the equipment.

M/S of another diver, Albert Foreman, having a metal neckplate put on. C/U of Stan's face while he does this. M/S of another man handing him a traditional helmet, he puts it on Albert's head and screws it into place. C/U of Stan fitting the eyepiece onto the helmet and screwing it into place. L/S of Stan tapping Albert on the head to signal he is ready to go, he walks over to the tank, and climbs down. M/S of him starting to go under the water. C/U of him disappearing and the water bubbling up. M/S of Stan tapping the pressure gauge at the side of the tank, another man is in the background C/U of the dials on the pressure gauges.

L/S of Albert reaching the bottom of the tank, he picks up a saw from the bottom and starts to saw some wood.

M/S of Stan at the side of the tank speaking through a microphone to Albert who is visible through the glass panels. He grabs an acetylene burner and turns it up, he then starts to work on a piece of metal. C/U of the burner at work, and C/U of Albert's helmet. Albert removes the piece of metal.
M/S of Stan speaking into the microphone, there are two other men behind him. M/S of Albert coming up out of the water and having the pipes on his helmet taken off by two of the men.


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